We are very proud and honored to be awarded  the 2022 Rookie Chapter of the Year Award by the AAFD. The TQF Awards showcase and celebrate outstanding service to the franchising community as well as the franchisees, associations, and suppliers who are leading the charge in the fight for fair franchising. Rookie Chapter of the Year award goes to a chapter that was created in the last year that has shown the most growth, activity, and forward momentum.

This is what the AAFD had to say about our Association:

We don’t keep records measuring the speed of chapter growth, but it is very likely that the LINE-X franchisees chapter is the fastest chapter in the AAFD’s history to blow past 100 members, accomplishing this in under six months! The key of any successful chapter is strong and determined leadership, and the LINE-X chapter has been blessed with a core of successful owners that have come together to protect owner equity. With more than 150 members, most of whom are supporting the chapter’s Legal Fund Trust, the chapter has engaged counsel, gained recognition by the franchisor, and has already made significant strides. Like some other AAFD chapters before them, the IALXF may well be an excellent future case study on how to form a successful franchise association.