The vast majority of Line-X® franchisees have formed the Independent Association of Line-X® Franchisees [IALXF], as a chapter of the AAFD. The purpose of this organization is to protect our individual freedoms as independent business owners and keep our profitability the number one priority in our businesses. Your support and commitment are appreciated. We have formed a Chapter Steering Committee and Legal Trust.  We thank all Line-X franchisees that have joined our efforts to achieve our mission and goal.


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In a competitive environment that is constantly changing, it is incumbent on us to join forces for our common benefit, to support our franchise system, and to support each other in challenging times. Our very survival depends on our standing up for the Independent Association of Line-X® franchisee, working to improve our profitability, and working to assure our franchisor’s faith and confidence in our importance to the vitality of the entire system. The creation and growth of our association will not only help the franchisees participating but will help the growth of all. The existence of a strong corporate model working with a strong Franchisee Association can be seen as an inviting atmosphere. Potential franchisees, knowing they have multiple avenues of support, would be reassured to invest in our franchise.